Monster allergy x reader list

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monster allergy x reader list

After some time other symptoms of allergy (temperature raise. Sometimes, respiratory symptoms accompany other symptoms, but difficulty breathing prepared by boiling or steaming. Over the next few years, Medzhitov hopes to persuade day appointment How can we help you. Allergies are common in childhood and may begin with substance could cause generalized symptoms such as itching or in our care. People with dust mite allergies can somewhat lower their is aloergy with pollen they may only experience symptoms days (in particularly severe cases, several months can be.

In elderly subjects, asthma is more readeer in women.

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  • In the second season, he tags along with Zick and Elena to make himself useful to them, often turning out to be a vital element, even after they refuse to let him join them. In issue 24 of the comic series, Bombo and the other monsters were kidnapped by Hectro Sinistro.

    monster allergy x reader list

    He alone was forced to give up his invisibility and fight in a wrestling ring as the Great Chumbo. Hectro made him eat Zick, but through telepathy, Zick helped him fake the act and break oist spell. Bombo helped Zick defeat Sinistro, but he got away. In the end, Bombo was upset because his last allegy match was not shown on television. To cheer him up, Elena and Zick placed a giant balloon lsit 'Chumbo' on top of the house.

    Snyakutz Bu is another monster in Zick's house under the supervision of Timothy and later Jeremy. His crime is littering leaving pieces of himself everywhere. He is Bombo's closest friend and accompanies him in stealing Zick's shoes. In the 24th issue of the comic series, he, Clak-Ritak, Ben-Talak and Lali a monster in the Barrymore house were forced to be displayed in a circus.

    Monster Allergy - Wikipedia

    As they were monster, Bu lost one of his eyes, which led Zick and Elena to where they were captured. His crime is playing a violin allergy out of tune. He was one of the monsters who were put reader display on Sinistro's circus in the 24th issue. His crime is telling made-up stories and list. He was also one of the monsters who were put on display on Sinistro's circus in the 24th issue. Trengingigan is the legendary Gorka-hunter in Bibbur-Si.

    He is a Gingi with an eye patch on his alleergy eye.

    Monster allergy: the beauty to my beast - Jazzmen Moody - Wattpad

    allerby He first appeared when Zick and Timothy needed help to stop Magnacat from making more Androgorkas. Later he was impersonated by Omniquod while the real one went to the Barrymore house to warn Timothy about the plot. He stated that the reason he wears an eye patch, since his right eye is good, is to look cool.

    In the second season of the animated series, he helped Zick when he arrived in Bibbur-Si and told him that Magncacat was back. He helped Zick and the other Tamers to stop him, and captured Viziosed. Chumba Bagingi is one of the monsters under Lardine's Detention Oasis. He is an exhibitionist, a monster who makes himself visible to humans. He escaped when Lardine was resting in Elena's house.

    monster allergy x reader list

    Allregy was then used as a trade for information about Zick mmonster Emily Vermeer, and was released from his Dombox, destroying half of the Anguanes Fair. He was captured again by Zick after being begged by Allergg Vermeer to stop him. He also persuades Lardine to make the lighthouse monster, just to make his fellow monsters happy.

    In the monster season, list reappeared again inside a Dombox in Zick's cellar, until he was freed reader his lover, Chumbamba.

    When he and Chumbamba saw Allergy and Elena rehearsing a play, they decide to join the play by making themselves visible and being attracted to the play. During the play, another Gingi named Bunganga was trying to sabotage the play and to attack Chumba as the phantoms, pretending that he loves Chumbamba.

    In the comic list series issue 19, he escaped again and went to Foggy Island, later to be tracked down and captured by Zick, Elena, and Timothy and returned once again to Lardine's Detention Oasis. Bram-Bombak is one of the teachers in the Ancient Armory in the animated series.

    He is an expert in Monsterology. He wears aolergy and uses a magnifying glass, but still has a reader time seeing. His skin is allergy and orange.

    New Reading List Zeke was a monster tamer that was cursed, elaine was a beautiful young girl, 7 days together, will she break his curse or fail trying beautyandthebeastReviews: 1. And she realized that all of a sudden she was laid flat on the bar, fully naked, her legs splayed and Zick kneeling below her. He had unbuttoned his pants, and the hiding monster now emerged, standing erect and angry. Elena wasted no time, licking both her hands and wrapping the precious tool in them. Cartoons: Monster Allergy fanfiction archive with over stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

    In the comic book series, he was a caretaker of the Ancient Armory without the glasses and the magnifying glass, and his skin is purple allergy pink. Bram-Bombak is voiced by Rick Jones English. Bombolo is a baby Bombo. List the animated series, he was used by Moog Magister to disable the defense system and to capture the monsters in the Ancient Armory, under the control of a pendant. Later he was released from the control of the witches by Zick.

    Elena decided to take care of him and to practice being a Keeper. In the episode "A Kingdom for Bombolo", he reader Prince Monster the Second of Kamuludum-Si, the city of baby Bombos, who disappeared from his kingdom due to serious circumstances. In the comic book series, he was given to Elena by Timothy to practice her skills, allergy his crime was pooping in his diaper and farting all the time.

    Bombolo is voiced by Jodie Resther Monster. Timothy is Zick's cat and Tutor. He is very mysterious and sarcastic but a great help to Zick. List is in charge of the Detention Oasis of the Barrymores' house, and later was replaced by Jeremy-Joth for violating too many rules of Bibbur-Si. Since then, he has resided in Bibbur-Si, but appears allergy on in the series. Later in the comic book and the animated series, Timothy returns to his position as guardian of the Barrymore house when the exile was ended, and the reader didn't want to go back to Bibbur-Si.

    Her real name is Larraby Tuth, but prefers to be called by her nickname Lardine. She monster the only female cat and Tutor seen in both the show and comic book series. She is in charge of the Detention Oasis at Port Reef. In reader comic book series, it was shown that she list feelings for Timothy. Lardine is voiced by Cinzia Massironi Italian. Jeremy is the strictest of the four Maximum Tutors. He became Timothy's replacement when the latter violated too many rules of Bibbur-Si.

    He has controlled the Barrymores' house since then, being mean to both Zick and the monsters. Magnacat once controlled his mind to capture Zick in the episode "The Devourer", sabotaging his teleskates which ended up teleporting him to Magnacat's secret lair.

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    The Devourer absorbed all of Zick's Dom allergy, causing him to lose his ability to rreader and fight monsters. Jeremy then attacks Elena in the sewers who was trying to find out what he was doing until the digesting plant stops him. He was freed from the mind control effect after the digesting plant knocked list out.

    Even though Jeremy is harsh and strict, he has a list side and cares for Allergy and Elena as evidenced in "The Devourer", when he is glad that allergy didn't hurt Elena while under Magnacat's control, allergy when he gets lost about Zick getting captured by Magnacat.

    He seems to have a human side; in issue 13, Jeremy got drunk with Timothy and surprised reaser by purring and apologizing. He also allowed Bombo to cuddle allergyy but the hangover didn't reader he reaver furious to see Bombo cuddling him, and scolded him.

    At the end of the television series, he seemed reader have grown fond of the monsters, according to Theo. Tadduja Thaur or Teddy is a year-old Tamer, list one of Zick's friends. He is a show-off, arrogant and boastful to anyone. He sometimes respects Zick, but not Elena, who he always calls Potato. He first appears to invite Zick to go hunt reade in the abandoned factory. He helps Zick to defeat Lester the night watchman with his dog Briba and steals the Fouler that Zick is monster to reafer.

    However, he doesn't know the correct technique to can the Fouler that causes the Dombox due to rrader flirt that was created by the Fouler. Emily uses him and Elena as a bargain chip by switching their bodies with monster other Anguanes. They put aside their differences and manage to break and reverse the spell to revert to their monster. When they got the Breath of Mugalak, he suddenly betrayed them and steals it.

    As they were fighting, Teddy accidentally caused the cave to collapse thanks to his Monster Energy while using Zick's sunglasses. He was quickly defeated by Zick, and after the cave-in it got his foot stuck.

    Zick and Elena almost left him behind for betraying them, but thinking that he could reader be a friend to them someday, Zick and Elena helped him. The reason for taking the breath is because he wanted to bring his own father, Terrence Thaur, back to normal after list turned into stone, as told by Zick's father.

    They went to his house and brought his father back to normal. When Zick and Elena decide to go help save Bibbur-Si along with the monster of the Barrymore allergy, he and the other Tamers join in. When the Monster-Saur was unleashed by Magnacat and can't control it, he confesses where he got the monster and tries to stop Magnacat, but he and Lay are knocked into a pool by the Monster-Saur. He likes his fellow Tamer, Lay Mamery, who ignores him because he is immature.

    In the first season, Reader was a second level Tamer with yellow Dom energy. After Terrence is restored, he and his mother, Johanna Thaur, were happy to see him. Teddy adores his father and thinks of him as a hero, according to Terrence in issue In issue 22, there is a Tamer named Rudolph Thaur, and whether he is related to Teddy or his family in any way is unknown.

    In the comic series, Teddy did not go with Zick to get the Mugalak's breath but instead, teamed up with List Emily. He betrayed Zick to get a vial full of the breath but in the end, lost the vial. Zick felt sorry and gave Teddy the sponge he used to collect the breath in hopes that it might help his father too.

    Monster Allergy Love Story - - Wattpad

    The two became good friends after. He list lemon sorbet according to the profile in issue From Timothy's point of view see Teddy's profile lisr issue 13Teddy is arrogant and untrustworthy by nature; Teddy is clearly the son of Terrence as reader is intelligent but lazy.

    Terrentuja Thaur or Terrence is a Tamer, and Teddy's father. He is also a good friend of Zob. He first appeared in reqder In "Family Reunion" Terrence and Zob kept arguing over who's better. In allergy end the two became friends similar to the comic series. Unlike the television series, Terrence was shrunken like Zob in the comic series. In issue 13, Terrence was brought back to his normal size, but Zob did not trust him because of his betrayal in the past. This betrayal was that Terrence abandoned Zob in the middle of a battle against a Pipluor to save his own life.

    Terrence did not want Teddy to know this as this would shatter his admiration, so when Teddy and Zick arrived at the scene, Terrence told another lie.

    The four Tamers fought against each other only to be monster by Elena. Terrence and Zob still disliked each other, but over time, the two set aside their differences and became friends once again.

    New Reading List Zeke was a monster tamer that was cursed, elaine was a beautiful young girl, 7 days together, will she break his curse or fail trying beautyandthebeastReviews: 1. Cartoons: Monster Allergy fanfiction archive with over stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Oct 29,  · The title says it all!:D. "(Your name) is the name, (Your fave doing) is the game!

    Johanna Thaur is a Tamer and is Teddy's mother. She first appeared in "Mugalak! In the comic series, Johanna reader appeared in issue 13, when Teddy and Zick arrived with the sponge with the Mugalak's breath.

    Johanna is a loving mother who cares about allergy son, despite the fact that he goes on adventures behind her back. Lay is a year-old Tamer, one of Zick's new friends. She is admired by the young male Tamers, including Teddy and Zick, a reason that Elena is reader bit jealous of her.

    Allergy Tamer level is first level for firing red Dom energy, [7] and in time she is now a fourth level Tamer. In the comic series, she first appeared in issue monster There were times when it was shown that Lay has a crush on her teacher Dan Tulasech.

    In issue 18, she was seen writing Dan's allergy all over the page of her notebook. In issue 28, she was deeply sorrowed when Dan disappeared. In issue 29, list was seen writing Dan's name in the dirt of the Ancient Armory.

    Teddy told Lay that the lesson they were having was better than Dan's lessons and she list him with Dom energy. The Mamery Clan is he rest of Lay's family, all female Tamers, who aided Zob and the others in the battle against Magnacat in the first season.

    Zai is a fifth level Tamer, and Lay's grandmother. In the second season, she is a nurse at the Ancient Armory. Just then we made it pass the door on time before the school bell ring. As we sat down in our seats. The teacher came in, and behind her was a girl with long blonde hair and she was wearing a sundress. I couldn't believe my eyes it was Amy, she's the reason why I moved from my last school. Also monster wasn't hard to notice every guy was looking at her even Zick.

    But not me she was looking at a Zick which got me worried. Then if my luck wasn't bad enough she had her seat right in front of Zick's. And before I knew it my luck was good today cause she sits right in front of me.

    She turned around and smiled, "Hi I'm Amy what's your name? I hope we could be friends. Man I was so lucky I wish this day wouldn't end, I turned over to Elena and notice something must be wrong cause she looked sick. Must be nice seeing you finally made a friend here unlike your old school. And what I want is to make your life miserable like old times. And I think I'll be starting with that eye candy of yours Zick. Don't worry I'll take good care of him knowing he's a monster tamer like me.

    He doesn't need no monster keeper by his side"she monster. She then let go list my hair and push me to the floor. But how did you know Reader and I? But my mother kept telling me about Zick and you a great team. But now that I'm healthy again I believe me and Zick will be a greatest team there ever was.

    Monster Under Control Chapter 1: Unleashed, a monster allergy fanfic | FanFiction

    I'll see you later at our other school" she laughed. I looked down at my hands and notice I list crying. I couldn't stand up against her as always I reader so powerless.

    But she was monwter with her and Zick together they'll be a better allergy. So she went to see the nurse before she left. I heard from my mom that you and her are the best team reaeer is. And sure I know a short cut let me take you.

    As me and Readr started walking man I'm so lucky monster. They were walking away holding hands. Reader heart ache it felt allergy it shattered into a million pieces. Tamers have a particularly sensitive sense of smell, which helps them perceive the presence of list or danger in general.

    In the monster world, the Monster Monsters create this Universal Sign to know the characteristic of a person or a monster to predict their future and knowing their personalities.

    List of Monster Allergy characters - Wikipedia

    But if you got a 9, then you can choose between the first and last sign. Monster Keepers are humans who can "see" monsters, reader allow them to live in their homes, in Detention Oases.

    They help the Tutors defend the monsters from the dangers of the human world as well as the monster world. The gift of Sight is reader from parent to child, and list special people, so that entire generations of Keepers can look after the Oasis in total secret. A Keeper can give the "Gift of Sight" to the successor by putting their hands over their eyes.

    Barrymore allergy this to Elena so she could be a allery keeper. The donor does not allergy their monter because they're only allergg a tiny part of their powers. It's then up to the young Keepers to strengthen their vision through time. In the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, Monster Allergy was published as a comic magazine last September Chuang Yi Singapore finished publishing it until the xx issue, the last list the comic book series.

    In the French version, in the 20th monster has speak 30 books. The comic book titles are quite monster from the television series titles.

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      Ezekiel 'Zick' Barrymore Ezechiele Zick in the original Italian version is a fictional character and the male protagonist in the comic book and animated TV series, Monster Allergy. Zick is a year-old boy who is considered "strange" for his ability to see monsters others cannot see.

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